Month: July 2017


A writing prompt from Lit Class, but also an idea that brewed in my head for a while. I could change the title, but lord knows my chemistry with those.

For those curious about the prompt: encapsulate an emotion in a poem. Probably picked an odd one for it, and the poem itself has other priorities… but I do like how it came out in the end. And as they with all that ends well~. (more…)

An Archive of Poetry

As the title states, this blog post is for archival purposes. What goes in here are poems that are simply unreadable. Roughly 20 poems ruined due to my inexperience and stupidity as a poet, among other reasons. I archive them because I do think there’s a rusty idea, or perhaps an image, or even a particular turn of phrase to make the heart lose track of itself that I could use some other time… but again, these are all bad. So for now, read at your own risk. I’ve arranged them from best to worst (though towards the latter part it’s all trite love poems and I gave no damns about the order) with a small prize at the end for the daring, and criticisms are always welcome, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, read at your own risk. (more…)