A writing prompt from Lit Class, but also an idea that brewed in my head for a while. I could change the title, but lord knows my chemistry with those.

For those curious about the prompt: encapsulate an emotion in a poem. Probably picked an odd one for it, and the poem itself has other priorities… but I do like how it came out in the end. And as they with all that ends well~.


I was 10 when I moved to Laguna
For 8 years. I recalled most vividly–
Trees; at times green, at times
Burnt brown-black ash.

Then I moved back to Manila.
Had to go to college, and breathe in
That smoke; that asthma-inducing smoke
That made me cough out “memories”.

Yet on my deathbed, there was nothing to take in.
Couldn’t remember the names of those
Crumbling trees, and that disgusting phlegm,
Nor could anyone remember my own.

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