Death in Eternity

My greatest wish in life
Is to live forever–
60 was twice, maybe even thrice
Too short of an age

For my feet to crush
This tiny pebble
And the soil below it.
So I set my heart

On a stake piercing God — He who
Promised eternal life, yet
Come 20, my library threatened to kill me.
A simple act

Of burying me under
Paper on paper cuts.
Only the taste of ink and rusty blood
Keeping me alive.

Come 30 it was my pen.
A puncture through the jugular
Injecting the poison of
Brilliant madness; brilliant

Pride — flavors of Lucifer’s
Sweet, sweet drug; an orgasmic tremor
So strong it lasted ’til 40, where my
Heart gave.

God did not even grant me my eternity,
and my stake simply clogs the blood flow.
Yet my greatest wish in life,
is still to live forever.

The pebble under my foot
Crushed me, but I loathed myself
Far too much to walk back and

Go to bed.

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